Wednesday, May 22, 2013


The Sinner's Prayer, Reprise (aka, Jailer's New Gig)

Thanks to the good offices of my friend Karla, I have just debuted my first post over at Live58, where they have reprised The Sinner's Prayer: Spiritual Abortion?", which I first published on this blog last December.  Here's a reminder:
In our desire to package salvation into an exportable shrink-to-fit size so that we can use it to train our legions of Junior Evangelist warriors for battle, we are in many cases destroying that which we have come to save.
If you haven't read the rest of it, please do so over on Live58, the mission of which is to "live out Isaiah 58 in an effort to end extreme poverty."  You can also follow them on Facebook.  (As you do, you may notice that their page has over 20,000 "Likes", whereas the Jailer's has ... er ... not that many.)

By following Live58, you can keep your eyes peeled for more of the Jailer's posts in the coming months.  They've even offered me compensation for my labors.  Something about "treasure in heaven" ...

As an aside, Karla's family and mine go back a few decades.  In fact, her dad was the topic of one of my early posts on this blog.

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  1. Great stuff! An absolutely spot on message that can't be stated enough these days, and deserves to get a wider audience.


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