Monday, January 14, 2013


The Deadly Perils of the Information Superhighway

Dead to rights!  It happened so fast.  Before I realized what I'd done, I'd done it. I watched the silly little video, allowed myself to be dazzled, and hit the "Share" button.  The next thing I knew I was moping in my car, surrounded by stern-looking, mirror-shaded Internet Police as the blue lights flashed.  I was caught.

"Sir, is this your video?"

Um.  Maybe?

I stammered, cried, and pled my case.  How was I to know?  It looked so awesome and ... so real (Evan, how could you?).  But the warning signs were clearly posted--I'd simply ignored them in my haste and enthusiasm.  I had become one of ... those people.  A dupe.  A hoax re-poster.

A speeder on the Information Superhighway.

It was an embarrassing episode, but fortunately the cops who pulled me over were plain-clothed Friends (of the Facebook variety), and I was let off with a warning.  Yet it was a clear reminder:  the Internet is a vast, virtually ungoverned space.  It's full of dazzling sights, boundless vistas, and all manner of colorful characters.
  • There are countless empty cul-de-sacs and dead ends, which you likely won't discover until you've wandered miles out of your way.
  • There are off-ramps into some very seedy neighborhoods, from which it is very hard to escape with your heart, mind, or soul intact.  
  • There are expensive rest stops with smooth-talking, money-grabbing merchants selling all manner of wares, most of which you don't need.  But now that you see them ... and, what a deal!
  • There are slick-looking charlatans in shiny sports cars, ready to entice you into following them onto their particular political, cultural, philosophical or theological "express" lane, which leads ... who knows where?
  • There are highway bandits who look for all the world like "normal" travelers, until they somehow manage to pick your lock and speed away with all your treasure.
  • There are chaotic social-media parking lots crammed with humanity from every walk of life.  Many are out in public unwashed and unshaven, wearing their pajamas and curlers.  They're not on their best behavior.  They don't seem to realize that everyone's gawking at them, and that the hidden cameras are recording every loud fart and nose-pick.  Careful, you might be one of them.
  • There are crazies full of road-rage--screaming jerks inviting you to join them in hurling invective to no good purpose--that is, until you "feel better".
  • Probably most insidious, there are long and winding roads going nowhere at all, on which it is possible to meander for hours ... weeks ... yes, even years ... until you finally stop and wonder where all the time went.
Please be careful out there.  There are far, far worse fates than getting caught speeding.

Look carefully then how you drive, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the roads are evil. (Ephesians 5:15-16, ESV ... slightly adapted to fit the theme)

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  1. Ray, timely, pertinent, and thought-provoking as always!!! The video is phenomenal!!! Steve


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