Tuesday, January 1, 2013


JailerQuest 2013 Update!

It's Day 1 of JailerQuest 2013!  Begin the YouVersion Blended Plan today!

So far I know of 10 people who've signed up to read through the Bible this year with us in JailerQuest 2013.  I'm glad to have the company of great people to keep me honest and motivated.  From my experience, this interaction is the key to seeing the project through.  However, I've noticed the YouVersion web site is a little less robust than I'd hoped, plus a little buggy.  If you're able, please follow the instructions on my previous post to join our YouVersion group, but I don't know if we'll be able to count on it to give us the kind of group dynamic I'd hoped for.

Therefore, I've set up a second interaction opportunity on Facebook:  an open group called, not surprisingly, JailerQuest 2013, which can be found here.  If you're on Facebook and want to join in the project, please join this group (I've already added those I have been able to find on Facebook).

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