Sunday, November 4, 2012


The Political Church: This Good Steward Edition

It seems the Jailer's recent ruminations on politics and the church have captured Petra's attention over at This Good Steward.  Petra also syndicates to the Jailer's Facebook page (because, frankly, she's awesome).  

She adds:
May these next few days serve as a good reminder that we could never, ever vote into office anyone who could ever fill what we truly long for! No, the One we nailed to the tree, He is the One who has already perfected even this imperfect heart, this imperfect vote, even here in the imperfect now.
Amen and amen, dear sister!

Oh, and for more wisdom (with an emphasis on stewardship) I highly encourage you pay regular visits to Petra's blog over at TGS.  

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