Saturday, September 15, 2012


Coming Home

Location: Fredericksburg, VA, USA
Thank you for everything, dear friends--for the prayers, the letters, and the support you've shown to to me and my family. Kindly continue to pray for those who remain.

I remember an Army classmate of mine at the Command and General Staff College calling Afghanistan "the forgotten war".  That was six years ago.  Today, even more so--it is the war we seem to desperately want to just go away.  But that is not the way of war.  You cannot simply walk off the battlefield when you get tired and frustrated.

With respect to the care packages (for which I shamelessly groveled), there are just too many to thank.  The boxes of shampoo, magazines, snacks and coffee were distributed liberally to many thankful warriors.  Still, a special shout-out is due to the patriotic Frontier Girls Clubs across the country ... the cards and packages were incredible, and the pictures were heartwarming and much admired!  You have more than lived up to your creed:
Patriotism is a character trait we take very seriously in Frontier Girls.  All meetings begin with a formal flag ceremony and girls are taught a proper respect for both flag and country.  We are also a strong supporter of our military personnel and have made optional programs available to our troops who want to go Above and Beyond.
Many thanks also to Rusty Dennen and Suzanne Carr at the Free-Lance Star for making this homecoming exciting and memorable, with this video (below) and the article in today's local paper, as well as our wonderful friend Kathy who tipped them off, and Riverbend High School Principal Dr. Troy Wright for helping make it happen.

Here's the pull quote from Rusty's article:
Gaille had both parents laughing with this observation: "With Dad gone, he's basically like the fun parent. So, mom had to do her best to be both educational and the fun parent."
Richelyn then noted: "What did we do? I took you to IHOP all the time and to your favorite restaurant."
Later in the car:
Mrs. Jailer:  "You said I wasn't fun!"
Jailerette:  "No I didn't!"
Jailer:  "You kinda did."
Jailerette:  "Yeah, I kinda did."

Yours sincerely in Christ,
Jailer (the "fun parent")

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  1. Richelyn is the unsung hero. Richelyn lives her life to support her husband. By caring for the children and the home, Ray is freed to serve God and his country with focus - as he knows the cares of his family are... well... just that... cared for.

    (I know, never end a sentence with a prep)!

    Thank you, Richelyn!

    PS: I feel your pain. Dave is the fun parent too. :(


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