Saturday, May 12, 2012


Loving and Hating Tim Tebow II: "All He Does is Win"

Tebowmania moves to New York this fall, and because hyperventilating Tebow stories materialize with no particular rationale in order to fill dead air, I figured what better time than the off-season to have a little gratuitous fun?

Throughout 2011, the most stark regular example of the Tebowmania phenomenon was played out on ESPN by the fawning Skip Bayless (loving) taking on the exasperated Stephen A. Smith (hating).  Still, fan that I am, I'm not in favor of labeling all of Tebow's critics "haters".  Or, as I wrote in "Loving and Hating Tim Tebow" back in January:
... it's unfair to paint all his critics with the same broad brush as "haters".  For many, it's a good deal less profound that that.  Sports commentators, for example, make their living by telling us what to think about athletes, and Tebow has thus far confounded a great many of them, because his skills aren't supposed to translate well from college to the pros (or so we've heard over and over).  Public personalities don't like to be confounded publicly, and each has had to choose whether to eat crow or double down in the face of Tebow's early success.
All of this is prelude to the real point of this post, which is to sit back and enjoy Bayless and Smith in a lighter moment, as featured in an ESPN commercial that deserves to be labeled an instant classic:

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