Saturday, March 3, 2012


Jesus vs. Religion II: Jefferson Bethke Explains

Through the course of the discussion which followed yesterday's post about Jefferson Bethke's famous video, Presbyter pointed out that Jefferson has since revised and clarified his views in an article which ran in the Christian Post on 19 January of this year:
The 22-year-old shared that he was in the camp of young Christians pushing the church away. He recalled watching a panel discussion of well-respected theologians and pastors and one question really struck a chord. The group was asked about the most encouraging and discouraging aspect of the millennial generation – responding, that the most encouraging is that “they love Jesus more passionately, more furiously” than previous generations. However, in that same aspect the “most discouraging is that they hate the church more passionately and more furiously.”
“Right when I heard that, it just convicted me and God used it as one of those Spirit moments where it’s just ‘man he’s right,’” Bethke told CP. “I realized a lot of my views and treatments of the church were not Scripture-based, they were very experienced-based.
 He added, “And that’s when I realized that wasn’t right. God’s church is holy, that’s his bride.
He also said he agreed with Kevin DeYoung's now-famous critique, and even e-mailed the pastor to thank him for his wisdom:
DeYoung, who saw Bethke as a humble, sincere Christian in love with the Gospel, couldn’t “remember ever receiving such a teachable response to criticism.”
How cool is that?  Just for perspective, Jefferson's original video has been viewed nearly 20 million times and he has more than 46,000 Twitter followers!  It would seem to be a very difficult thing for a 22-year-old (or even a 45-year old, *ahem*) to humble himself in the midst of such a phenomenon.  Yet he did.

Color me impressed and, well ... humbled.


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