Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Jesus Flunks Evangelism Again

One of the Jailer's more notorious posts has made a guest appearance over in the UK, on the site of self-described "Charismatic Evangelical Anglican" and Theology student Dean Roberts.  Strange bedfellows indeed.  So, back for another run across the pond, Jesus Flunks Evangelism.

Note:  While you're on Dean's site, you may notice your mild-mannered Jailer has been engaged in a rather contentious debates with a fiery women's advocate known as Mrs. God Loves Women, whose post about Michelle Duggar (she of the 19 kids and the TV show) managed to evoke a response from me.  Actually, I carry no brief for the Duggars (of whom I know almost nothing), but I tend to have a rather visceral reaction against polemics and arguments built on logical fallacies (straw men, red herrings, all that jazz), and for whatever reason I didn't let this one go.

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  1. Jailer - really great to be in connection and friendship with you. Really loved the blog post and it's getting quite an audience over here in the UK. Too often we talk about belonging before believing... but this clearly isn't always the right way!

    God bless you!


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