Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Say What?

To quote Dave Barry, "I am not making this up." 

The year was 1998, and little Jailer Jr. was 4 years old and quite precocious.  He and his 1-year-old sister, Jailerette, kept Mrs Jailer and I hopping.  In fact, like most young parents, we felt we needed a break from time to time.  Sunday afternoons usually set up nicely that way.

On Sundays we would leave church after morning service, eat a quick bite, and then take a drive while the kids (and often Mrs Jailer) would sleep in the car while I would listen to the radio.  At the time there was a major drama playing out just up the road in in Washington DC, so I would tune in to C-SPAN radio and catch all the Sunday talking heads as they discussed an impending Presidential impeachment.  As political theater it was riveting stuff, though the kids were of course too young to comprehend it.  This was good, since some of the discussion was, shall we say, not appropriate for young ears.

Still, we thought at least Jailer Jr. was old enough to have a grasp of basic civics so he could grow up brilliant and all that, so we prepared little quizzes for him.  One day I asked him if he could name our leaders:
Who's the President of the United States, son?
     "Bill Clinton!"
"Why that's right!  Very good!  Who's the Vice President?"
     "Al Gore!"
"Wow!  That's great!  Let's try something a little harder ... who's the First Lady?"
     "What's a First Lady?"
"You know, the President's wife."
     "Oh.  Monica Lewinsky!"
So ... Mrs Jailer and I decided maybe we should cut back on the C-SPAN for a little while ...

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