Monday, July 18, 2011


Jailbreaker Breaks Out

It was bound to happen.  Our old friend the Jailbreaker, a former missionary to Japan who thrives on challenging our assumptions about the gospel and culture, has slipped his bonds and made for open country with his new blog, For the Sake of the Gospel, for which his stated purpose is to create "An Online Learning Community Seeking to Cultivate & Sustain a Movement of the Gospel within Everyday Relational Networks."

Longtime readers of this blog will recognize some of the posts from years gone by, when the Jailbreaker stoked our creative juices and started more than one spirited debate with challenges such as these:
When crossing cultures with the Gospel just how difficult of a task is it to bring “the message” to a particular people without entangling that message in the “cultural trappings” of the messenger? Does it even matter?

If by “culture” we mean eating with silverware instead of chopsticks, or shaking hands instead of bowing, it’s probably not very difficult at all to leave culture out of the message.

However, if by culture we mean "church culture," that is, the forms, practices, and deeply rooted assumptions of the "western church system," it’s another matter entirely.
I urge you to stop by often ... if you dare!

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