Saturday, August 15, 2009


The Broken Spirit, The Bent Look

Jim Elliot, martyr of Ecuador, had the uncanny ability to find application on every page of God's Word. I keep a copy of his Journals on my shelf at work. They are very instructive, but perhaps even more humbling to read.

From his entry dated January 26, 1948:

God taught Jacob not to fear Esau, but to fear God. Esau could be appeased, and his face seen without hurt. God must be met with, and the crafty man must struggle with him. Jacob left Peniel with a new name and a new walk. No longer was it the walk of self-confident Jacob but the limp of humbled Israel who saw God face to face and lived. Fear not, Jacob, the face of man, but learn to fear the face of God.

Lord, I fear to ask for a (moonlight rendezvous) with you, but it must need be before I enter the land of blessing and promise. Will You meet me alone and deal with me as You did with the patriarch? His self-confidence hardly surpasses mine, and I hate myself for this, but I pray that You should give me the broken spirit, the bent look, before I proceed to deal with my brothers - whomever they may be.

God has been at work in me of late. I don't know where He's going with this, but I can only pray that He "should give me the broken spirit, the bent look" so coveted by Philip James Elliot.

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  1. Elisabeth Elliot and her writings were inspiring in the early years of my Christian walk (and ever since). It was hard not to come away without putting Jim Elliot on a pedestal. (Not that she did this, but the man himself seemed to be writ larger than life.) Later, reading his journal, he became human. That didn't diminish him but rather made him, in God's hand, even more of an inspiration. I'm glad he's on your bookshelf too.


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