Friday, June 5, 2009


Blocked in Beijing

I was recently informed by Disciplemaker that the Jailer is blocked in China. No blogger likes to hear that his material is unavailable to potential readers, of course, but I suppose I'll take it as a badge of honor. And since Beijing works actively to block any reference to the "June 4th incident" of 1989, I suppose I'll go ahead and lock in my banned status by commemorating (a day late) the massacre at Tiananmen Square of 20 years ago.

Despite the horrific events of that day, there is evidence that God has used the events of that day to sprout an expansion of the Chinese church as Charles Colson testifies:
How has God used the Tiananmen tragedy to build his Church? Before the massacre, the house churches were mainly in the countryside, Pastor Yujian noted. But after June 4, the churches “spread to urban areas and into intellectual circles.” In these arenas, in the aftermath of the massacre, students were suffering from a sense of passiveness, depravity, and loss— but then they began to listen seriously to what house church pastors had to say.

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