Sunday, February 8, 2009


Joy in the Journey

Today is the Jailer's 42nd birthday.  I don't generally think much about such occasions, but kind people remember them on my behalf.  It is a good day to consider the joy in the journey and to be grateful.


  1. Happy Birthday, Jailer! May your journey continue for at least another 42 years!!!

  2. Magligayang Bati Kapatid, that is Happy birthday brother, such a joy to cross path with you here in Facebook. Reminds me the good old days. But good seeing you.

  3. 42, whatever. Still have plenty of time to keep blogging and living. We're not old yet, at least not until we are 50.

  4. There were reports that night of dancing in the streets of Santa Barbara, so it seems to have been a really big deal.

    As for me, they tossed me out and put me in the waiting room. Later, I went down to look at you and can testify that you were a handsome little guy.

  5. Happy Birthday and many blessings to you in Christ, Jailer. "May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed." (Ps 20:4)

  6. Hey Anjinsan!

    Wow! Sorry I missed it. Sure glad you are around and thanks for your friendship through the years.


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