Thursday, February 5, 2009


From the Rocky Soil -- "God Knows What Happened to Him"

Here's a remarkable story I promoted from the "Comments" section of the previous post:
I had the experience in my home country during my military service & I'll tell you the story. A devout Muslim truck driver, (who turned Kabe every morning, prayed on a prayer mat very early in the morning ) came up to me four days before I finished my mandatory military service & told me this, "I have seen only two people who never sweared ever, one is one and the other is you. Why don't you come up and there is an empty bunk bed next to me, sleep there until you finish your four days here". I accepted this invitation and moved my belongings to one higher story in the building.

As I was being prepared to going to sleep the first night, he turned to me and asked me this question, "Are you Christian?" (remember this is an Islamic country and you don't reveal your religion to anyone, however, I had changed my identity card's religion from Islam to Christianity before the military service; so some people knew that I was Christian and passed the info to others). "Yes, I am" said I. He asked, "What would happen to me if I die today?"... I thought for few seconds and responded, "You'll go to hell". He than asked me, "Why then don't you try to save me?"... I was overjoyed to hear that ... so shared the gospel very clearly; [then] listened some Christian teachings over the radio. I didn't want to force him to a decision but make his own decision ... days after I finished my military service; he visited my church after he finished his service as well. He came very close to the decision point but I lost contact because I moved out of the country. So, God knows what happened to him.

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