Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Chief's New Blog

Congrats to the Chief for his new blog: Jesus and Clio. If the perspective of Christian teachers intrigues or inspires you, I invite you to join him at his new home. You'll be treated to thoughts like this:
But I think I'm beginning to grasp the concept of paradox. I like to do creative things and fun things and have small group discussions instead of lecturing all the time - things I know won't bore the students. That's because I really care about the students and have a passion for my subject as all of you out there do. That is my gift (I hope!). That is also one side of the paradox. I care, I create, teaching and learning matters. Now the other side of the paradox is what happens to me if the students don't cooperate. For me, for example, if I am trying to do something creative and it isn't appreciated I grow resentful. I get hurt and say to myself "why knock myself out for this crowd?" I should just do the minimum and then sling the test their direction. Then I'll just relax and take it easy." But the other side of the paradox is that the reason I get hurt in the first place is because of my gift - because I care. If I decide to just do the bare minimum I am also negating my gift. If I decide "I won't let this bother me" I am also negating my gift and becoming someone completely different than what God created me to be. So, instead of denying that I am hurt or upset and protecting myself against further hurt by not caring anymore, I need to face the paradox head on. Face it, and find creative ways to deal with my hurt without denying either who God created me to be or the needs of my students.

Good stuff! We wish him well, and trust that his devotion to Christian teachers over there won't make him a stranger in the Jailer's cell! Hail to the Chief!

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