Saturday, December 13, 2008


Jesus in my "House" -- the published version

The Cypress Times has just published "Jesus in my 'House'". The usual invitation applies (comments, feedback, etc.)

By the way, you'll note that my published articles have a way of starting as blog posts. So do oaks grow from little acorns ... :0)


  1. Very nice illustration, sir. How often do we see Jesus' work in us as a big, ceremonious event when it is as simple as Him coming to live with us and to help us change from the old dark ways of our past? Thanks!

  2. I am saddened by your 'spiritually inefficient' experience of church through military chapels. The New Testament is most clear that the church is to be an uplifting experience. Edification (upbuilding) is the purpose of meeting ... 1 Cor 14:1-4/12/17 etc. Orderly/proper worship is paramount (Cf 1Cor 11) because without it neither God is glorified or attenders edified. Church is always to be done well for both the believer and God. We live in a generation that has long received that church is only about service ...BUT, God wants me to meet together to make me feel good (built up ..see also Hebs 10:24-25), if a member goes to church and leaves not feeling better than they when they walked in, the leadership has failed in constructing encouragement and edification. JESUS INVITES RELATIONSHIP NOT RITUAL. God rages at ritual (more about that another time.) Church should not be about persevering over hot coals but playing over warm sand. There is a significant leadership issue if church has to become an opportunity for perseverance. The Old Testament neither is silent on the invitation to relationship and therefore experience ..God wants to be known/experienced/related to ... this is not received by study but stillness (Ps 46:10). There is a delightfully engaging invitation in Ps 34:8 to experience God. over to you Raymond ... please visit 'Stadium Saints' for a prophetic/parabolic view of your discussion. More discussion also on ... Making Sense of Today's Church - Part A & B bless ya


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