Monday, December 8, 2008


Here I Am Lord (v1.1)

My latest Cypress Times article reprises my October 11th post on how God provides direction to our personal ministries through our gifts and through the circumstances He places us in. Kindly stop by, leave feedback, etc.


  1. Good morning. I just got done reading a couple of your articles and I wanted to tell you thank you for them. I enjoyed them greatly.

  2. You are right on target in what you say. We can't discover God's personal will for our lives until we are practicing the things He has willed for each of us. He has given us interests and gifts to suit what it is within His will for us. If we can just keep looking around for what we enjoy and what makes us feel fulfilled and close to the Lord, we are at the beginning end of Discovery. It's a fascinating journey.

    God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called. If it's His will for us, it will work out, if not, we will be blocked in some way. Thank you for your insight into the subject. May God bless you.

  3. Fresh insight on an important topic. Thank for the reminders.

  4. Scripture says "Do whatever your hand finds to do", and I myself, make sure I do something to advance the Kingdom every day, even if it's just making a phone call. Everybody needs encouragement, and even if a person is not scripturally knowledgeable, they can do that. We can also be doing a very beneficial service to the body of Christ if we would just make an effort to fill a need with any unwanted or donated items. It doesn't make sense to take things to the dump or to be sold at a thrift store, when our brothers are in need. I send a lot of notices out online to fill household, vehicle or employment needs.
    If we really BELIEVE we are children of the King, we should be wanting to campaign for our father. It's as if it were our literal father running for office, and we did NOTHING to help his campaign-not even a phone call, handing out flyers or spending time talking to anyone, we would be showing that we really don't agree with him being in that office. Sure, you could quietly vote for him, but it's your active support that shows you care and influences others.


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