Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Fort Leavenworth Addendum

With respect to my previous post, I should note that the Fort Leavenworth ministry is one of many military ministries that have been singled out for legal action and public outcry by extreme church-state separationists. While I favor a healthy degree of separation--history teaches us that holding temporal power has a corrupting influence on the church--the efforts of these well-funded and influential groups to completely stamp out any vestige of religion from the public square are clearly unhinged from reality and way over the top.

Please pray for Fort Leavenworth and for all Christians in the military, as this issue has been brewing for some time and has the potential to effectively eviscerate the military chaplaincy.

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  1. Hi Saint thanks for your work for the Lord. All that is happening points to the coming of The Yeshau.May all your pray's are answered. thanks for the joke will get you back with a really bad christian joke. love to you and your family.


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