Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Reading Through the Bible

If you have a relatively stable, committed group, try a Bible-reading challenge! The New Year is the time to start something like this. Here are some guidelines I generally put out:

1. Count the cost. Reading through Scripture is a great objective, but the time will come from somewhere. Be ready to commit.
2. Remember this is a Bible survey, not an in-depth study. The key is to keep moving. Feel free to skim the genealogies, for example.
3. Don't solve every theological conundrum. You're going to encounter lots of new material. Don't get bogged down every time you don't understand something, or you'll probably never finish. Just file it away as something you'd like to learn more about, and perhaps bring it to the group when you meet for discussion.
4. Link arms. The temptation to quit will be strong, especially if you fall behind. You'll need your group to stick together to keep everyone moving.
5. Don't overwhelm your group if they're not all on board. This is not for everyone nor every small group. There may be many reasons why people can't or won't commit to this. You'll need to either meet separately with those who choose to take the challenge, or be very creative with keeping the others involved without making them feel guilty.

You don't necessarily need to start in Genesis and plow through to Revelation. There are plenty of published plans available. Discipleship Journal has a number of good plans available for a fee, or there are some older ones available for free in the public domain (I've generally used this). The One Year Bible also has some free options.


  1. No 5 wanted to many times, only joking keep up the Good work by the way put some Pick's on site to use as bait so you can catch the fish.God bless you and your family Please read Psalm 34. from St.Poddy.

  2. And the best perk is that it is addictive. The more a person reads on a consistant basis, the more it becomes a craving. Our 17 year old recently read her whole bibile in 8 months with morning and evening devotions. She was (and is) so pumped and jazzed up about God's truth.


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