Saturday, October 11, 2008


Pray, Discover and Obey

This blog begins with the premise that there is are local leaders out there ready to be commissioned--some have already got started, while others are waiting for something, such as a position to come open or the mysterious "word from the Lord". Once we do get started, we generally try to apply some boilerplate method that we've used or seen used before, or some materials we like. Then we strike out, praying and hoping that God will bless our efforts.

Officers Christian Fellowship turned me on to the very different concept of the Pray, Discover & Obey method of finding out what God wants me to do. It's not really such an novel new idea, but it's remarkable how few of us ever try it: first ask God what He wants you to do, then let Him tell you, then do it. When we follow God instead of leading Him, the blessings come naturally. Check it out!


  1. Ray, I am so excited for your blog to unfold.
    How right you are about the whole "Pray, Discover, and Obey method". It is not a new concept but one that we run circles around and often do not pay attention to.
    How many time I have found myself in that very trap of wanting to seek and hear answers but not take the time to breathe and listen for them to come.

  2. Hey Brother Ray,

    I read UR blog and attempted to sign up for e-mail updates but I'm not positive as of yet that I succeeded...should know soon eh? Anyhow thanks for suggesting that I take time to view your site...perhaps I will begin to understand better what it is that I missing as far as my attempts to listen to God...I'm certainly in need of a career direction at the moment...and want one that I will actually enjoy! Much

    Love, Older Westminster Sis, Anita :o)


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