Wednesday, October 15, 2008



My dear friend Patrick has become my first "inmate" (a blog follower ... see link along the right-hand side). This gives me the opportunity to tell a great story about him. I remember while we were stationed in Okinawa in the mid-1990s, Japan, Patrick was a close family friend and participated in a Bible study I led on the book of Romans. Patrick was a fairly new Christian, and would get visibly excited about some of the basic truths of our calling, election and salvation in Christ. I distinctly remember being very moved by his response, and thanking him for reminding the rest of us "old heads" that this stuff is supposed to be exciting!

The longer I walk with Christ, the more I need new Christians to remind me of the joy that comes with salvation.


  1. Amen.more the merrier. St.Poddy

  2. Geez Ray. I've now been blogged. I will never forget studying Romans at Tony's house, sitting on the floor and just biting into and chewing your teaching. Things were more simple then. Obedience to Christ came so naturally.
    Glad I got to see this post.


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